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About Us

Mint Condition Health Experts

Combing the wisdoms of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Psychotherapy, Mint Condition Health Specialists is an initiative of CHL Medical and Training and Shane Warren Coaching & Counselling Services...


After many years working collaboratively with patients, Doctors Jeff Lou and Shane Warren opted to combine their knowledge to build a number of lifestyles specific treatment programs that not only improve one's current presenting issues; but also improves your mental health, your physical wellbeing, and your lifestyle moving forward...

Providing you with the best practitioners for the best care

Jeff Lou
Shane Warren

- Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine -

Registered Acupuncturist

Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Yoga Teacher

- Doctor of Divinity -

Registered Psychotherapist

Certified Clinical Supervisor

Certified Practicing Hypnotherapist

Certified Practicing Coach

Meet Shane

Providing you with the best retreat options for the best care

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