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Life Coaching

The best care

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines the verb to coach as to 'tutor, train, give hints to, prime with facts' - coaching is as much about the way these things are done as about what is done... 


Coaching delivers results in large measure because of the supportive relationship between the coach and the coachee, and the means and style of communication used.  The coachee does acquire the facts, not from the coach but from within themselves, stimulated by the coach.  Of course, the objective of improving performance is paramount, but how that is best achieved is what is the question.


Life Coaching is the perfect synthesis between a mentor, who believes totally in you and helps you set bigger goals, allowing you to grow to your full potential...and a manger to break down the goals into 'do-able bits'...and a personal trainer that will keep you moving along the path...and a sports coach to give you feedback to help improve your game.

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