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Dr Jeff Lou

Jeff comes from a family of a long line of herbal savants, whose grandparents and their grandparents all worked on the land and understood the spirit essence and healing power of mother nature.  Although Jeff's education centred around empirical sciences and mathematical comprehensions, his innate ability to understand and grasp metaphysical and superphysical ideas were never attenuated.  His curiosity leads him through many years of study about the complex human mind, the perplexing physical body and the subtle energy that is inherent in every being.


He is registered as a Chinese Medicine Doctor with the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China, a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture doctor with AHPRA in Australia, and holds a Ph.D in Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture from the top Chinese Medicine Institute in the World. Jeff is also a Certified International Acupuncturist with the WFAS, a professional acupuncture governing body of the WHO.


Jeff is also an experienced yoga practitioner and dedicated teacher that loves to share his understanding of the body and mind with his students through this moving meditative practice. 

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