Addiction Recovery & Management

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Addiction treatment therapies are numerous and varied, at Mint Condition we work with a combined process of physical health with mental wellbeing…


Regardless of the substance, this means that working with a Mint Condition practitioner in overcoming your addiction the treatment path will typically include a combination of:


  • traditional Chinese medicine to help balance the organs and overcome craving desires; 

  • psychotherapy for the benefits of talk resolution around motives and desires; 

  • hypnotherapy to help penetrate deep sub-conscious healing;

  • yoga therapy to aid healing within the body as well as enhancing both mental and physical strength on your journey; and

  • life coaching to help build a future without the addiction in your life.


Mint Condition has a strong referral relationship with The Cabin residential addictions group to better assist us to help you on your journey of recovery. 

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